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Originally Posted by LadyAdmiral View Post
There is this post, but nothing is ever done with random threads that belong in SWTOR general or one of the other forums.
Updated this thread to cover that. Threads should now be moved to more appropriately-suited forums for the topic and discussion.

We just made this change, so it may take a lil bit to comb through the threads ^o^

Keep in mind, you can report and leave a reason if you believe a thread to not be in the appropriate location
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Originally Posted by Julianou View Post
I'm going to make as if the higher comment was not there, and ask again if the french forum will have the same modification ?
Yes, we plan on making this adjustment to the French and German forums, as well. Expect that soon
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Quote: Originally Posted by OddballEasyEight View Post
I didn't get an answer to my question, so I'll post it again:

Is it ok to make a new thread for each character storyline video series you make? Or can you only make one for your channel in general?
Because that kinda stifels the people like me who spend 4-5 months on just one character video series and would like to promote the next one individually.

One thread per video series is acceptable. Apologies for the delayed response!

-Hillary Nicole