OMG! Housing items to ranked pvp players?

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Пишет SirMannii 8.8.14 19:22:

Пишет AlexModny 08.08.14 14:17:

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to pop in and explain where we were coming from with having decorations as part of Season 2 rewards. We decided to include Stronghold rewards as a part of the Season 2 rewards because we wanted to give PvPers something that only they could get in this brand new feature. No one else is getting these specific trophies or the Pleasure Barge, ever. They are 100% unique to Ranked PvP. In previous features (GSF), we received feedback that we didn't give 'X-type' players something special in that new feature, so we wanted to give PvPers something unique for GSH based on this feedback. We understand that Strongholds itself is not directly tied to Ranked PvP but it is all part of the game and we want you to influence your Stronghold based on what you enjoy doing in other parts of the game. We will see how the uptake on usage goes with these rewards with before deciding if we do more decorations for Season rewards.