leave ranked queue (no queue pop yet) gives -15 rating?

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Пишет funkiestj 12.6.14 24:33:

Пишет AlexModny 13.06.14 09:34:

Just wanted to pop in to clear things up on this issue and how the root cause looks to be settled.

Clarification: Players will not lose rating from simply leaving the ranked queue. Players who have an invite (the popup) to a ranked match will lose rating if they decline the invite. This is the intended design of the queue system but...

The area transition/instancing and connectivity issue reared its ugly head in the direction of the PvP queue system as well. While matches were being created there was a backlog of pending matches that weren't sending out invites in a timely manner. Players might have had a pending match ready for them, but never got the invite to pop up.

So what ended up happening is if the players in this position left the queue while this occurred (a pending match waiting for send invite) the player would lose rating because to the system they left when they had an invite. Leaving the ranked queue when you don't have an invite should not penalize your rating.

As of this morning the area transition/instancing and connectivity issue should be much better. Please let us know if this issue is still occurring but we expect it will have subsided already.

I apologize to everyone who was affected by this issue and unfortunately at this time we will be unable to regrant the lost rating that was caused by this issue.

Thanks all.