Focused Feedback Discussion: Corruption Sorcerer / Seer Sage

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Пишет DavidDemaree 13.8.14 15:51:

Пишет TaitWatson 12.08.14 16:18:

Originally Posted by MidichIorian View Post
You need to elaborate on what "hindering" actually means.
Hindered is a debuff that was introduced last year with the introduction of the ability "Electro Net." While Hindered, the target cannot use high mobility actions and escapes such as charges, vanishes, and speed boosts.

David will be popping in throughout 2.10's time on the PTS to answer the rest of your questions!
Пишет DavidDemaree 13.08.14 13:57:

Hello Sages and Sorcerers!

Currently, we have the Hindered effect from Master Speed/Corrupted Speed set up to last 4 seconds, and it can affect up to 8 enemy targets within 8 meters of the Sage/Sorcerer when Force Speed is used. The Hindered effect is hit-checked as a Force ability, so things that can cause Force attacks to miss can be used to counter the application of the Hindered effect.

As Tait has already mentioned, the Hindered effect prevents the use of high mobility actions while it is active (which means it prevents the use of all the same abilities that the Mercenary's/Commando's Electro Net does). But the Hindered effect itself does not slow or deal damage to the targets it affects (those are additional effects provided by Electro Net for Mercenaries/Commandos). The Hindered effect is not broken by damage and has no effect on resolve.

The goal with this addition to the Master Speed/Corrupted Speed skill is to give Sage/Sorcerer healers a little more breathing room in PvP (and this particular Hindered effect will not generate any threat in PvE, because we did not want PvE Sages/Sorcerers to be afraid to take the skill). We have the duration currently set at 4 seconds, which could admittedly be too long or too short. We want it to last just long enough that the Sage/Sorcerer is able to get away and hide behind some line-of-sight blocker before getting jumped on by an enemy that was in hot pursuit when Force Speed was used.

We understand that it also can and will be used offensively by Sage/Sorcerer healers that seek to maximize the performance of their class. Based on the current performance of Sage/Sorcerer healers in ranked play, we feel that this offensive use of the Hindered effect will probably be fine, but we are still open to your feedback. We are also interested in your thoughts about the duration of the effect. We felt that 4 seconds was just long enough to allow the Sage/Sorcerer healer some room to escape, but extending this duration any longer could be rather dangerous when considering that the Hindered effect can be applied every 20 seconds by a single Sage/Sorcerer healer.

Is 4 seconds too long? Is it not long enough? Is an 8 meter radius too large? If you feel the whole concept is far too powerful, then please feel free to give us your thoughts on exactly why that is the case.

The addition to the Amnesty/Reverse Corruptions skill was again a PvP focused change. Yes, it also increases total healing in PvE, but the primary reason for this change was to give Sage/Sorcerer healers more time to be immune to interrupts and pushback in PvP. We did not want to change existing abilities for Sage/Sorcerer healers to activate instantly, because we feel that is one of the things that actually causes Scoundrel/Operative healers to over-perform in PvP.

Regarding the request for better Force management, we feel that giving Noble Sacrifice/Consumption no health cost would trivialize PvE healing for Sages/Sorcerer. And making it a PvP set bonus would not solve that problem either, because then PvE healers would just feel like they had to PvP to get the set bonus they want.
Пишет DavidDemaree 14.08.14 16:11:

Hello again Sorcerers and Sages!

Thanks for the feedback that you all have provided so far. What is now on the PTS will be there until the next refresh, which will hopefully occur next Thursday. We are planning to include the following changes in the next refresh:
  • Take Unnatural Preservation/Force Mend off the global cooldown.
  • Take Consumption/Noble Sacrifice off the global cooldown, and give it a 1.5 second cooldown (so Sorcerers/Sages will not be able to use it any more often than before, but this allows them to use other abilities immediately after using Consumption/Noble Sacrifice).
  • Change the 4-piece PvP set bonus to make Consumption/Noble Sacrifice no longer consume health, rather than restore 3% of max health over 6 seconds after use.
  • In addition to increasing maximum Force, Force Attunement/Force Studies will now also increase armor rating by 20%.
  • In addition to the bonus healing increase, Penetrating Darkness/Clairvoyance will now also have a 20/40/60% chance, whenever the Sorcerer/Sage takes damage, to make the Sorcerer