PTS Maintenance and Our Streaming Schedule

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Пишет EricMusco 31.7.14 16:29:

Пишет EricMusco 01.08.14 15:06:

Hey folks,

Just wanted to pop in since I am seeing some questions about PTS timing. As some may have guessed, we will not be bringing PTS back up today. It is our plan that the next time PTS comes up it will be with Flagships and Conquests ready for testing. Unfortunately, we are not quite there at this time.

As soon as I have more information around timing I will pass it on! Thanks.

Пишет EricMusco 04.08.14 14:22:

Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSmokealot View Post
server is still unavailable, but there is a patch , so hopefully it wont be too much longer before they turn it on and let us see what they have put on there now ....
We will not be going live on PTS today. However... We are looking very good to bring it up tomorrow! I will let you know should that change but hopefully you will all be running Conquests and piloting Guild Flagships by tomorrow