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Пишет Iwipe 18.7.14 15:31:

Пишет EricMusco 17.07.14 16:23:

Hey folks,

This thread seems like a good place to clarify the 4 Stronghold limit. At the launch of Strongholds, in 2.9, you will have a maximum of 4 Strongholds. This number does not count the Guild Flagship and Guild Stronghold that a Guild leader can attain as well. This means that you can have all of it without hitting any limits. (I should note that each Guild can only have 1 Stronghold and 1 Flagship)

The reason that we have this in place, is performance. Simply put, we do not know how it will affect game performance to have more than 4 Strongholds until we get in and test it. None of which matters currently unless we add another Stronghold. It is always possible that if we release another Stronghold that we will test it, and it will have no performance hit and that the 4 limit will be raised so players can continue to have all of the Strongholds. We can cross that bridge however, when and if we get there.

TLDR - At launch you can have every Stronghold without issue and should there be a need to raise the 4 Stronghold limit, we will definitely test to see if we can!

Hope that clears things up!