Stronghold retirement/reactivation, are you pushing us to buy them with cc?
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Originally Posted by Tsillah View Post
I was reading through dulfy's notes and found the following interesting and worrying note:

Upkeep cost to maintain strongholds? Nope but if you deactivate/retire a stronghold, it will cost you to reactivate it if you bought it with credits. If you bought it with cartel coins there is no reactivation fee.

Now I've asked in the sticky thread above and during the last livestream but either they just keep missing the question or are unwilling to answer it but really I think with this starting in about a month's time it's not an unfair question to ask.

Why would anyone retire a stronghold?

The reason I ask the question is because there is a distinction made between buying the stronghold with credits in game or with cartel coins. Now if there is no maintenance cost, I don't actually see a reason why anyone would deactivate it. There just is no need for a player to have that option if it makes no difference to you.

So I have to stronghold retirment actually an option or is it something that simply happens under certain circumstances? There has to be something, why else make a difference between a credit and a cc purchase...

And with that, it just sounds like something that more or less might make people feel forced to buy it with cc in order to avoid any possible negative effects. This is not a nice idea for someone who is subbed either.

So really when you put together that there is no apparent maintenance cost, then why would there be a retirement of a stronghold and more importanly a reactivation fee and yes, why the difference between credit and cc purchases?
Hey Tsillah!

This is a great question. The reason that there is an option to deactivate a stronghold is that when strongholds goes live, there will be a limit of 4 strongholds per legacy. I know what you are thinking, there are only 4 strongholds right now and you would be correct. However, if and when we introduce any strongholds in the future, you would need to deactivate a stronghold (assuming you own all 4) in order to purchase a new one. That is the only circumstance that you would need or likely want to deactivate a stronghold.

Hopefully that answers your question!