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Пишет HillaryNicole 27.6.14 16:05:

Пишет HillaryNicole 26.06.14 16:16:

Originally Posted by MishraArtificer View Post
Also, I wish you weren't dead-set on Republic: Imperial Agent has the BEST story I've leveled three of them, so the playstyle is almost to muscle memory these days.
Updated the OP to accommodate people who want me to go through a specific story. If enough people request it, I will roll Empire.

Пишет HillaryNicole 27.06.14 17:10:

Thanks for tuning into the stream today, everyone! Look forward to streaming more SWTOR in the future. Got to level 8 today on my Trooper. Y'all were a blast. Special shoutout to those who quested with me haha