WTH Embargoing the Star Cluster pack in 2.8.1???
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Пишет Mureyu 19.6.14 24:35:

Пишет EricMusco 20.06.14 09:20:

Originally Posted by Mureyu View Post
Why???? The Bounty ones should be embargoed before the new ones!!
Hey Mureyu,

Good question, let me explain a bit about this shipment of packs and how it works. The first thing that many of you noticed is that this shipment does not have a reputation track, this is intentional. The Star Cluster pack and the Club Vertica pack are a smaller, special shipment which is intended to run during Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event.

What you will see is that Star Cluster will become embargoed on the launch of 2.8.1, which will also mark the launch of Club Vertica. Similarly, Club Vertica will only be available up to, or before, the launch of 2.9. I don't have an exact date on when Club Vertica will be embargoed but I will let you know when I do. However, it should be noted that it will embargo during the Nightlife Event.

Again, these were two packs made specifically around the Nightlife event and they work a little differently then some of our others have. When messaging this we were treating it like we do a normal pack and messaging an embargo approximately 1-2 weeks out.

I hope that explains the embargo timing.

Пишет EricMusco 20.06.14 12:57:

Quote: Originally Posted by Frybert View Post
'A bit more expected' Does that mean we'll have more warning, or that the rarities and collections costs will be more inline with previous packs?
My understanding is that rarities and collections costs will be more in line with previous packs.

Пишет EricMusco 20.06.14 12:29:

Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
So will there be the same issues with the Club Vertica pack that you have with this one Eric? Specifically the extreme rarity of some items as well as the outrageous unlock fees? Is that what your customers should expect going forward, since we're now talking at least 3 updates between "normal" pack releases? Or is this going to be the new norm? You've got a lot of upset buyers right now Eric...I think you'd be wise to address their concerns and frustrations.
I checked in with the CM team and it sounds like in general you will see both rarities and collections costs be a bit more expected in the Club Vertica pack!