@Tait, are the collections prices intended or a bug?
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Originally Posted by Darth_Wicked View Post
Tait, would you kindly explain what this means exactly? I could be wrong but I'm fairly sure most of us always assumed that somehow both systems were connected or intertwined.

If a specific armor set is rarer than the other - one being Rare, the other Super-Rare -
wouldn't it make more sense for one of them to be substantially more expensive than the other, every single time?

I'm honestly puzzled.
That's a fair question - I worded the response poorly.

When we flag an item as, say, Rare, it doesn't automatically give it an unlock price in Collections. That information is entered separately, which is why these are two distinct issues being looked at individually. Does that clarify things a bit?
Пишет TaitWatson 13.06.14 14:27:

There are two separate issues here that are actually unrelated, so I'll address each in turn:

1. Inequality in drop rates in the new packs - I saw Andryah's thread about this earlier and spoke with the Cartel Market team, and we're looking into it now. Either the drop rate or the actual rarity symbol has a problem if the difference in drop rates is as large as indicated. I'll post something when I find out more.

2. Collections unlock prices - These prices are set independently of rarity since they are two different systems. I passed along the feedback/information in your thread in General, and they are investigating.

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Originally Posted by Reno_Tarshil View Post
Oh great and glorius Tait of the Wilsons, please grace us with your presence with an update on these two issues!

-sacrifices virgin Ewok-
::Poofs into existence::

We're still looking into these. I'll make sure to update you when I know more!

-Tait, Who Just Learned How To Teleport

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Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
Great...more confetti to sweep up...does he realize how aggravating that is? I waste half an hour sweeping up just ONE piece of it...
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An update! The rarity of the items in the Starcluster Nightlife Pack is being corrected in 2.8.1!

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Пишет EricMusco 19.06.14 09:02:

Hey folks,

I want to add some clarity around what was wrong, what is intended, and what is being changed. First off, the what is wrong. There was a little confusion around things when we last talked about this issue. It appears that the current rarities in the pack are correct, however, the tooltips and rarity icons for those items are not. Just to reiterate, the rarity of the items that you have been seeing in the packs is correct and is not being changed. What is being changed are the tooltips and rarity icons to make sure that this is accurately represented. Our current target is to get those adjusted in Game Update 2.8.1, it should be noted that the Star Cluster pack also becomes embargoed in that same update.

Another thing that I know was questioned was the collections unlock prices. Those prices are intended. Collections prices are something that is not completely static from one pack to another and can shift. Similarly, many of you might notice that in the Star Cluster pack there are different amounts of items at different rarities than normal (more rares, less commons, etc). With the Star Cluster pack, we were trying out some new things. I can tell you that the team has heard your feedback around both the rarities and the collections pricing and will adjust accordingly in future packs.

I apologize for the confusion around this and I hope this clears things up!

TLDR – Rarities and collection costs are right. Item rarity icons and collections tooltip rarity are not and are targeted to be fixed in 2.8.1.