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Пишет EricMusco 11.6.14 12:31:

Пишет EricMusco 11.06.14 01:42:

All login issues should now be resolved, thank you all for your patience. Have a good night!

Пишет EricMusco 11.06.14 09:40:

Originally Posted by mdahm View Post
Sadly, they are not.
Server: Red Eclipse.
Toons: Several, e.g. Edwiin.
Description: I click on "Play" in character selection menu. Then I see the loading screen - but without loading progress bar. SOMETIMES the loading bar appears after a few mintes, and I actually enter the game. Sometimes I just come back to character selection. The erroneous situations are more frequently lately. Maybe it depends on server population.

Hope you have more ideas?
Hey folks,

I just want to clarify. The issue that happened early this morning was separate from the issues which were prevalent following Game Update 2.8. The issue that occurred last night was stopping all logins across both the web and game, that is what we fixed.

The issue that is stopping many of you from getting into the game since 2.8 went live is unfortunately, still around. We will likely need to patch the game in order to address that issue. I will give you updates around that in the other thread as soon as I have them!

In short, we addressed the complete login issue that cropped up last night, it is different from the issue we introduced in 2.8. We are working on that separately.